born in Caen (FR), works in Berlin.
contact : bouvetberlin@gmail.com


Solo exhibitions : Everything that has a Name, 2012, Gallery Nordenhake (Berlin) ; Die taube Unterredung, 2009, Ambassade de France (Berlin) ; Yes I Like The TV, 2008, Bimal project (Berlin) ; Am Rand des Waldes, 2008, Wie Gießen ohne Küssen, 2007, Gallery Air Garten (Berlin).

Selected group exhibitions : Macaroni, 2016, Wallriss, Fribourg (ch) ; You Ever Been Here Before?, 2015, Bankrupt (Berlin) ; Drawn, 2014, Gallery Nordenhake (Berlin) ; The Empty Set, 2013, Gallery Maria Stenfors (London) ; A Skeleton in The Closet, 2011, with curator Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel, in Heidelberger Kunstverein / ReMap3-Galeria Utopia (Athens) ; Be Nice To Me, 2011, Gallery Nordenhake (Berlin) ; La forme est conductrice, 2009, Instants Chavirées (Montreuil, FR).

Residencies and editions : Triangle, 2010 (Marseille) ; collaborations for Palme with Clément Rodzielsky, 2010, and Kiosk with Julien Bouillon, 2012 ; nominated for Berlin Art Prize, 2014 and winner of Prix Fondation, Ensb-a, 2005.

Graduated at École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts (Ensb-a, Paris) in 2004 and at École Régionale des Beaux-Arts (Rennes) in 2001.